Incredible Success @NationalHistory Day!

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, five Wheatley students (Donna Nazarian, Jared Rothstein, Harris Wekselblatt, Seung min Yi and Madison D’Ambrosio) were at the University of Maryland participating in the National Competition phase of National History Day. Invited to Maryland after their top recognition in the New York State phase in Cooperstown at the end of April, these students were competing against hundreds of other state winners for the top spots in this prestigious competition.

When the results of the competition were announced on Thursday morning, our students were recognized with top awards! The Central Park 5 group website finished 5th in the nation  — the highest rank of any project in New York State! Additionally, Madison D’Ambrosio’s individual website on the Pentagon Papers came in 11th in her category (of more than 100 entries!). Additionally, the Central Park 5 website was selected as the most outstanding entry from the state of New York in any category!

Congratulations to Donna, Jared, Harris, Seung min and Madison for their remarkable efforts and success! Thanks as well to Dr. John Staudt and Mrs. Jo Beth Roberts for accompanying the students to Maryland — and even proctoring the Regents Examinations the students needed to take!


2014-06-17 12.39.36 2014-06-17 09.42.32 2014-06-17 09.38.51 2014-06-17 09.36.57 2014-06-17 09.36.31 2014-06-17 09.36.14 2014-06-17 09.36.09 2014-06-17 09.35.58 2014-06-17 09.09.20 2014-06-17 16.57.52 2014-06-17 17.48.42

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