In Recognition of Excellence Celebrates Ten Special Students

Wednesday, 18 June, our annual In Recognition of Excellence evening was held. This is always a special evening for me, for it is a clear reminder of the importance that so many intangibles play in our students’ lives and development.

With so much talent in our school, it is still possible for some students to not get the recognition that they deserve. To recognize these students, the In Recognition of Excellence award was introduced ten years ago. This honor is given to 10 students who have demonstrated outstanding service to school and community, demonstrated respect and concern for fellow students, and set high expectations for themselves as they have achieved their goals. The recipients of this award were asked to select one teacher, staff member or coach from their experiences at North Side, Willets Road, and Wheatley who had the greatest positive impact on their life.

Congratulations to our recognized students and the faculty they acknowledged:

  • Lauren Bennis
    • Adam Plana (Wh)
    • Matthew Haig (Wh)
  • Dana Calabrese
    • Jill Widyn (NS)
    • Rosa Chiarenza (WR)
    • Brian McConaghy (Wh)
  • Jacob Dinetz
    • Allison Madden (NS)
    • Linda Linick (WR)
    • Steve Cadet (Wh)
  • Leah Dwyer
    • Kelly Powers (NS)
    • Rosa Chiarenza (WR)
    • Timothy Schwalm (Wh)
  • Thomas Gillette
    • Francis Beltrani (NS)
    • Kristina Roaldsen (WR)
    • Dr. John Staudt (Wh)
  • Brooke Goldfarb
    • John Coyne (NS)
    • Sharon Nicholson (WR-Ret.)
    • Greg Wasserman (Wh)
  • Zachary Koch
    • Gail Harrison (NS-Ret.)
    • David Burke (WR)
    • Jean-François Henley (Wh)
  • Jessica Perry
    • Scott Hoefling (WR)
    • Birthe Seferian (Wh)
    • Maryrose Ambrose (Wh)
  • Thomas Stroud
    • John Lore (NS-Ret.)
    • Jaroslaw Pokrywka (WR)
    • Patrick Hurley (Wh)
  • Jonathan Zuckerman
    • Henry Kupstas (NS)
    • Dr. Joseph Coladonato (WR)
    • Kevin Meyers (Wh)

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