Justin and Brooke Teach Some Dance Moves in AP Spanish!

While Ms. Principe-Franco was accompanying students on our recent Spanish Exchange Program, those AP Spanish students who did not participate in the exchange were given the assignment of researching a Spanish-speaking country and preparing a ten-minute presentation on various cultural, historical, political and artistic aspects of the country.

I stopped by Ms. Principe-Franco’s 6th Period class and had the pleasure of seeing Brooke Goldfarb and Justin Borczuk give their presentation on the Dominican Republic. Presented entirely in Spanish, Brook and Justin used Prezi to provide a multi-media overview of the DR. Their presentation, upwards of 30 minutes long, included plenty of opportunities for their classmates (and Ms. Principe-Franco) to ask questions. A highlight of the presentation, however, was the dance lesson Justin and Brooke provided to the rest of the class! It was a great lesson for all!

You can see some of their dance moves in the video inserted after the photos.


2014-06-04 12.11.162014-06-04 11.50.24 2014-06-04 12.02.20 2014-06-04 12.01.58 2014-06-04 12.04.13

One thought on “Justin and Brooke Teach Some Dance Moves in AP Spanish!

  1. It was an amazing presentation. I’m very proud of their great research and hard work they put into their project. I agree the bachata lesson was the best part of their presentation.

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