Meet our Wheatley Medalists!

The final recognition given during our Academic Awards Night is The Wheatley Medal. Presented by the Wheatley Principal, the Wheatley Medal seeks to highlight a senior boy and girl who have exemplified the highest standards of scholarship, ethical conduct and service to school and community.

Here is what was said during the presentation of this year’s medalist:

Albert Einstein once said: Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means. Both of our Wheatley Medal recipients have spent their years at Wheatley quietly, yet forcefully, setting examples worthy of following. Their understated leadership style has had a wonderful and deep impact on our students, faculty and community.Charming, intelligent and charismatic are three words that are often used to describe this first recipient of the Wheatley Medal. A stellar student, a talented musician, and an outstanding athlete, this young man has made countless contributions to our school community – all with seeming effortlessness.

Dedicated to his pursuits, this recipient has achieved at the most elite levels academically. He has demonstrated a commitment to the Mathletes team over the past five years while helping to lead one of our athletic teams to championship level. This student is extremely humble when praised and often insists on giving the praise right back to the person who praised him. His calm and caring demeanor is refreshing to see as he accomplishes any task with a smile on his face. Despite his incredible and diverse talents, he rarely seems to break a sweat! He clearly stands out amongst the best in his graduating class and has definitely made a lasting impression on Wheatley. Columbia University is so fortunate to have admitted him to their incoming class.

Please join me in congratulating Justin Borczuk as one of the recipients of the Wheatley Medal.

The Wheatley School has been blessed by the generosity of this next recipient in so many diverse ways.  Academically, she has enriched her life and those around her by always striving to not only receive outstanding grades, but also by engaging in intellectual discussions about the material presented in class.  

Athletically, she has served as Captain of two different teams. Time and time again, she has demonstrated an uncanny ability to bring out the best in every player; her positive energy and joyful disposition help to create a sense of cohesiveness and sisterhood throughout the team. She is able to do this same thing in the classroom and in her extracurricular activities. As an artist, her depth of understanding, her willingness to take risks and a strong desire to explore set her apart from the typical high school student.

It is in her interactions with others, however, that we have come to recognize some of her best qualities: helping others and giving back to our community.  She has been a dedicated member of our Connections club and has worked brilliantly with so many of our most special students. Kind, patient, and compassionate, she never seeks the spotlight. In fact, she is probably squirming in her seat as she comes to realize that I have been speaking about her. Cornell University is so fortunate to have her as part of its incoming class.

Please join me in congratulating our next recipient of the Wheatley medal, Samantha Siegler.


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