Meet our Jim O’Brien Award Winner!

One of the most noteworthy award given to a junior student is the Jim O’Brien Award.

Jim O’Brien served the East Williston School District and The Wheatley School with distinction for over thirty years as a physical education teacher, athletic director, and assistant principal. The award in his name is given to a junior student who exudes honesty, integrity, and a deep devotion to helping others. Altruistic and genuine, this student pursues his or her passions with no expectations of rewards — other than inner fulfillment.

In presenting the award at this year’s Academic Awards Night, Stacy Ribotsky, PTO Co-President, read the following:

Due to her innate leadership abilities and compassion towards others, this recipient was a natural selection as a student member of our school’s DASA Committee. She exemplifies the committee’s mission: to help to create a safe and nurturing environment for all. With a strong moral compass and huge heart, she has also served as model mentor in our Adopt-a-Class program. A natural leader, she has helped motivate and support her fellow teammates in both volleyball and softball throughout her high school career. Vibrant, kindhearted and dedicated, she pursues her passions without expectation of outside recognition.

It is with great pleasure that we present this year’s Jim O’Brien Award to Julia Haghighi 


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