Ms. Seferian Earns PTO Teacher of the Year Recognition!

At last week’s Academic Awards Night, one of the highlights of the evening was the announcement of the PTO Teacher of the Year Award. This year’s winner was Ms. Birthe Seferian, one of our wonderful Social Studies teachers.

Ms. Ribotsky, our Wheatley PTO Co-President, read the following when announcing the award:

The recipient of this year’s PTO Teacher of the Year award is a teacher who has made an incredible impact on our school and our students. With a passion for learning and teaching subject that comes through clearly in the classroom, this teacher has been able to approach the subject matter in a way that permits students to understand appreciate it. Brilliant, patient, inspiring and thoughtful are just a few of the adjectives that students and parents have used to describe this teacher.

Overseeing a classroom that is a whirlwind of creativity and activity, this teacher engages students in their learning – leaving lasting memories. By relinquishing a certain amount of control in the classroom, this teacher permits students to gain ownership of their learning. With thoughtful, consistent and persistent guidance, this teacher’s students thrive.

Outside of the classroom, this teacher is a wonderful model for students and colleagues alike. Always searching for a new or better way of teaching, this teacher seeks out professional development opportunities and shares ideas and strategies with colleagues across all departments. Honest, encouraging and passionate, this teacher connects with students and reflects all that we admire about Wheatley and its traditions.

In a relatively short amount of time, this teacher is already recognized as one of the most outstanding, beloved and respected teachers at Wheatley. Please join us in congratulating Birthe Seferian as this year’s PTO Teacher of the Year.

 Congratulations to Ms. Seferian and thank you to the Wheatley PTO for supporting our faculty!

Ms. Seferian with her AP World 10P class
Ms. Seferian surrounded by some of the students in her AP World class


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