Joe Jacob and Andrew Zuckerman Compete in National Mathematics Contest @Penn_State

Each year , the Nassau County Interscholastic Mathematics League ( NCIML ) invites the top fifty mathletes to represent Nassau County at the annual New York State Mathematics League and the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML).  Forty-three students, from many schools throughout Nassau County, competed at ARML.  This year Joe Jacob (Class of 2014) and Andrew Zuckerman (Class of 2016) represented The Wheatley School and the Nassau County at the ARML.  Matt Huhn (Class of 2014) was invited but could not attend.

2014 was the 39th annual ARML competition.  ARML is an international competition held at four locations in the US and one overseas.  The NCIML competed at the Penn State University site.   There were 84 teams of fifteen students at Penn State.   The Nassau County A1 team came in 58th in the nation and the B1 team finished in 17th place in the B division.

Congratulations to Matthew, Joseph and Andrew for this wonderful recognition. Thanks to Kevin Meyers for the his support of the team and the write-up of this activity.

2014-05-30 09.17.44

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