Wheatley CARE Club Students Raise Funds at Relay for Life

Under the guidance of Ms. Cambria and Mr. Abdale, members of Wheatley’s CARE Club formed a team to participate in the Relay for Life event at Roslyn Middle School on Saturday, 31 May. Relay for Life is a movement (through the American Cancer Society) designed to help raise funds and awareness for cancer research. By coming together for and evening (or entire night), communities can highlight cancer survivors and the ongoing need for funds to support research.

Our students did a terrific job, raising well over $1400 as part of their team’s participation in the event!

2014-05-31 23.53.56 2014-05-31 20.29.48 2014-05-31 20.29.14 2014-05-31 20.28.25 2014-05-31 20.28.26 2014-05-31 20.17.07 2014-05-31 20.10.56 2014-05-31 20.01.54 2014-05-31 20.01.50 2014-05-31 19.59.17 2014-05-31 19.54.22 2014-05-31 19.54.01 2014-05-31 19.51.26

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