Wheatley Students Recognized at Long Island Science Congress

On Monday, 19 May, the awards ceremony for the Long Island Science Congress science fair was held in the Wheatley auditorium. Students from schools throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties were in attendance to receive their awards.

Wheatley juniors Kuan Yu, Zachary Chorost and Samuel Mohebban were recognized for their projects, which they presented at the science fair on March 19. Zachary and Samuel’s project, titled “Can a cognitive assessment score identify causes of delirium in elderly patients?” was given Highest Honors distinction in the category of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the top award presented at the Long Island Science Congress. They were also presented with the Concannon Memorial Award of Excellence, one of the special awards given to students in addition to the categorical awards.

On account of their prodigious efforts, Zach and Sam were also nominated to present their project at the New York State Science Congress science fair at Brookhaven National Laboratory on May 31. This is the second year in a row that Wheatley students have been nominated to attend this prestigious fair.

Kuan Yu’s project titled “Hericium erinaceus mitigates rotenone induced oxidative stress and neuro-degeneration: a purification of bio-active compounds used to treat Parkinson’s disease” was also given the distinction of Highest Honors in the biology category. Kuan also received the Long Island Science Education Leadership Association Award for his work.

Additional awards were received by the following Wheatley students: Hebah Hassan received an Achievement Award, Cindy Zhou and Zara Shaikh received a Meritorious Award, Ashwin Reddy and Jeffrey Poomkudy received an Honorable Mention Award, Haseeb Jangda and Anish Kumar received an Honorable Mention Award and Jessica Chu, Robert Chang and Joy Bestourous received an Honorable Mention Award.

You can view the full awards program through this link: http://www.liscicong.org/Results/SeniorAwards.pdf

Congratulations to our students, and good luck to Zach and Sam as they compete in the State Science Congress science fair at the end of the month!

(Thanks to Thomas Van Bell for his description of the event.)

2014-03-13 11.14.05

Zachary and Sam present their project at LISEF

2014-03-13 10.45.15

Kuan presents his project at LISEF

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