Lianna Golden Advances to Finals of Nassau Public Speaking Competition!

On Wednesday, 21 May, Dr. John Staudt accompanied three Wheatley students to compete in the Nassau County Public Speaking Contest. Sponsored by the Theodore Roosevelt Association, Lianna Golden, Jade Marcus and Courtney Schwartz were among a score of Nassau County students participating in the event. Dr. Staudt was impressed with the performance of all of our students, but was thrilled that Lianna Golden (Class of 2017) earned first place and will advance to the finals! (The story behind this story is that Lianna did this even though she was so sick she needed to be brought to the doctor in the morning AND it was her birthday!)

Congratulations to all of the participants! Good luck to Lianna as she continues in the competition!

2014-05-21 12.14.27 2014-05-23 07.50.45 2014-05-23 07.50.55

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