Our Second Update from #SpainExchange !

Ms. Martinez, our intrepid organizer of Spanish exchange programs, send the following update to me late yesterday. A bit later, Sami Siegler and Lauren Micelli provided some of the photos included in this update!


Today, we went to art, gym, and English classes at IES El Palmeral in Orihuela. Some of the students went to the Spanish class, too! I am so proud of our Wheatley students, as they have gone about making small groups and forming conversations with the Spaniards.

After classes, we went to have lunch at the restaurant owned by Jacob Freund’s host family. We walked to the train station during the siesta, and then we went to Alicante, which the students absolutely loved!

2014-05-19 12.49.52 2014-05-19 12.58.37 2014-05-19 12.11.56 2014-05-19 04.06.50 2014-05-19 04.05.14

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