Wheatley Students Depart for Spain!

Late Saturday afternoon, 19 Wheatley students boarded a bus for JFK International Airport in order to catch their flight for Spain as part of a 10-day exchange program with our sister school, IES El Palmeral in Orihuela. The students, who are all enrolled in the AP Spanish program, are accompanied by Mrs. Mary Martinez and Mrs. Pilar Prinicipe-Franco.  They will be staying with families of the students who visited Wheatley last September. They will attend classes, meet the mayor and visit the local sites as well as the nearby cities of Murcia and Alicante. Orihuela is located on the Mediterranean coast.  Students and chaperones from both schools will then take a trip to Toledo, Cuenca and Madrid.

6th Grade students from Willets Road wrote letters to the students in Spain whom they met and interviewed last September.  The Wheatley seniors will deliver them and, hopefully, return with responses when they return on May 26th.

We wish them all a wonderful, safe trip!  ¡Buen Viaje!

Participants include:  Katherine Araujo, Allison Chowdhury, Nicole Cutinella, Brian DeLay, Leah Dwyer,  Jacob Freund, Olivia Gatoff, Aakash Jhaveri, Zack Kotin,  Jamie Mason, Andrew Mendes, Lauren Micelli, Jessica Perry, Lauren Perry, Sanjana Reddy, Jamie Sellinger, Sami Siegler, Matt Wolff, and Jonathan Zuckerman.

(Thanks to Mrs. Joan Anderson for the description and the photos!)

2014-05-17 17.12.48 2014-05-17 17.17.59 2014-05-17 17.19.56 2014-05-17 17.22.58 2014-05-17 17.17.03

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