AP Examination Weeks Finishing

Students at Wheatley are in the final few days of two weeks of AP Examinations. This year, a record number of Wheatley students (well over 310) challenged themselves through the many Advanced Placement course offerings. These students have endured cumulative examinations of more than three hours in length. They have studied hard throughout the year, prepared well and have done remarkable.


Of course, our students arrive at this point through the help and encouragement of their teachers. Since the end of March, Wheatley teachers have provided over 60 different review sessions to help prepare students for their examinations. These sessions — often well into the night — have been wonderful opportunities for the students to feel the camaraderie of a shared effort. We are grateful for the efforts of our teachers!


I have stopped by a few of the AP World History review sessions given this past week. Led by Mrs. Seferian and Mrs. Topping, these review sessions have been productive and well attended!

2014-05-08 19.22.19 2014-05-08 19.22.11 2014-05-08 19.22.58 2014-05-12 20.05.14-1 2014-05-12 20.05.31 2014-05-12 20.06.14 2014-05-12 20.06.27 2014-05-12 20.06.36 2014-05-12 20.06.49 2014-05-12 20.06.55 2014-05-12 20.07.07 2014-05-12 20.07.28 2014-05-12 20.07.54


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