Earth Week Entertains and Informs

Although Earth Day is on 22 April, Wheatley recognized and celebrated Earth Day with several days of activities and fun!

Some of the activities included presentations by Bob DeBenidetto from the Healthy Planet, hands-on prairie restoration and gardening preparation, and a two-day book swap. The culmination of the Earth Week celebration took place on Friday, 11 April, when students from our Environmental Action Club (EAC) showcased all sorts of Earth-friendly activities and crafts for the students — along with a live animal presentation in our auditorium!

Thanks to all of our EAC members and the club advisor, Mr. Steve Finkelstein, for bringing these important messages to our students and community!

2014-04-11 11.19.02 2014-04-11 11.19.12 2014-04-11 11.19.18 2014-04-11 11.19.41 2014-04-11 11.23.01 2014-04-11 11.24.35 2014-04-11 11.25.48-2 2014-04-11 11.27.43 2014-04-11 11.37.27-2 2014-04-11 11.37.44 2014-04-11 13.13.42 2014-04-11 13.15.54 2014-04-11 13.18.18 2014-04-11 13.21.10-2 2014-04-11 13.26.43 2014-04-11 14.24.24

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