Regional Studies Trip to Oyster Bay Water Front Center

On Thursday 3 April, students from the College Regional Studies Program (sponsored by Stony Brook University at Wheatley) continued their participation in the Maritime Traditions State Grant program (the only State sponsored maritime grant program in New York). 

Nineteen students accompanied Mr. Tom Storck and Dr John Staudt to the Oyster Bay Water Front Center.  Upon their arrival they were met by Oyster Bay Baymen Bill ‘Duckman‘ Fetzer and Fred Menges and Long Island Traditions executive director Nancy Solomon.  While at the waterfront, students were given a hands on lesson regarding the tools and equipment used by the baymen and the various marine life in Oyster Bay.  The students then journeyed to The Christeen Oyster Sloop Preservation Corporation’s wooden boat building facility in Building J on the Western Waterfront of Oyster Bay.  The students went on a tour of the facilities and were given hands on lessons on boat building.  The Ida May is historically significant as one of the first powered dredges in the oyster industry, and in Oyster Bay, where she spent her working life. Once completed, the boat will be owned and operated by the WaterFront Center, where she will take the public out on the water for recreation and marine and maritime education.

(Thank you to Dr. Staudt for the description and Zachary Wolff for the terrific photos!)

ZMW_RegionalStudies07 ZMW_RegionalStudies01 ZMW_RegionalStudies02 ZMW_RegionalStudies03 ZMW_RegionalStudies04 ZMW_RegionalStudies05 ZMW_RegionalStudies06

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