Art and Technology Program Engages Students

Wheatley’s Life Skills program has had an outsized impact on Wheatley and its students. The students and faculty that make up this program give so much to Wheatley and our community: they run a school store, they collect and organize shoes for charity, they assist with the shelving in the library, they help with the out-of-district books and they spearhead the paper recycling in the school.

An important part of this program over the past several years is the Art and Technology (AnT) program. As part of this program, Ms. Donovan (one of our Art teachers) and Mr. Chisholm (one of our Technology teachers) collaborate with the Life Skills students and non-Life Skills students to work on projects and skills related to these areas. This AnT program has helped foster stronger bonds among our students while providing a terrific skill set to our Life Skills students!

2014-03-27 11.17.23 2014-03-27 11.17.28 2014-03-27 11.17.55 2014-03-27 11.18.11 2014-03-27 11.18.42 2014-03-27 11.23.53 2014-03-27 11.25.10 2014-03-27 11.25.21

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