The Memory Project Creates an International Impact

If you pass by the Wheatley Art Gallery these days, you will see a display of 8×10 portraits of children’s faces. These portraits are the product of the Memory Project, a terrific project whereas art students create portraits of children who are neglected, orphaned or disadvantaged. Under the guidance of our very own art teacher Ms. Walsh, students worked on their portraits based on photos provided by the organization. Eventually, the photos will be delivered to the students for what is always a very emotional opening.

This year, our students drew portraits of students from the Philippines and Haiti. This is the third year in which we have participated in this project. Each year, the project has been funded by the Wheatley PTO.

In 2012, our students worked with students in the Dominican Republic. You can see a brief video of the portraint delivery here:

In 2013, our students worked with students in Haiti. You can see a brief video of the portrait delivery here:

Wheatley Seniors Uzayr Arif and Gabby Love have been particularly passionate about the project. You can view a brief video of them describing the project and its impact here: 

The students’ artwork as well as photos of the students are below:

2014-03-26 09.42.31 2014-03-26 09.42.27 2014-03-26 09.42.21 2014-03-26 09.42.17 2014-03-26 09.42.13 2014-03-26 09.42.09-2 2014-03-26 09.42.09-1 2014-03-26 09.42.04 2014-03-26 09.41.55 2014-03-26 09.41.50 2014-03-26 09.41.45 2014-03-26 09.41.39 2014-03-26 09.41.33 2014-03-26 09.41.26 2014-03-26 09.41.21 2014-03-26 09.41.16 2014-03-26 09.41.11 2014-03-26 09.41.06 2014-03-26 09.41.00 2014-03-26 09.40.54 2014-03-26 09.40.46 2014-03-26 09.40.21

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