“Cybercats” Compete in Robotics Competition

From Thursday through Saturday, our Robotics Team competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition at Hofstra University. Teams from across Long Island and beyond — the team from Brazil made it to the finals! — competed with each other and against each other using student designed and programmed robots.

The atmosphere inside of the Hofstra Athletics arena was incredible, with hundreds of fans supporting and cheering their team. On Friday, Wheatley brought some of our 8th graders so these students could get a sense of what this competition is all about.

The Cybercats made it into the playoff round on Saturday, which is a terrific accomplishment for this young team! Thanks to Patrick Hurley, Joe Fina and Tom Storck for all of their support!

2014-03-28 08.01.42 2014-03-28 12.02.37 2014-03-28 12.09.13 2014-03-28 12.09.16 2014-03-28 12.09.59 2014-03-28 12.10.01 2014-03-28 12.15.48 2014-03-28 12.24.20 2014-03-28 12.26.31 2014-03-28 12.41.39 2014-03-29 15.51.05 2014-03-29 15.53.51

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