Dialogue Night Engages Parents and Students

Wheatley’s Dialogue Night event provides students and parents an opportunity to engage in productive and important conversation within a safe environment. Led by student facilitators, students and parents sit in small groups and address questions that had been developed in reaction to the topic of the evening.

Last week, Dialogue Night #35 took place. Nearly 70 parents and students spent two hours discussing the topic of the evening: “Choices and Consequences.” The evening’s discussion was centered on a presentation by Karen Torres, who spoke about the dangers of texting and driving. Students and parents were both moved by Ms. Torres’ powerful presentation.

Dialogue Night was organized and implemented by Wheatley’s Social Worker, Ms. Ashley Gleeson, and Wheatley’s Guidance Counselor, Ms. Randi Chisari. We are thankful for their dedication to this important program!


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