#Showdown2014 Friday Night Finale

The culmination of Wheatley’s Showdown week is the Friday Night Finale. Beginning at 6:45 pm and continuing through 10:15 pm, grades compete against each other in a wide variety of activities. The activities included:

  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Sneaker relay race
  • Foul shooting
  • Myers Math Problem
  • Minute to Win It (faculty competition)
  • Volleyball
  • Clothing relay race
  • Soccer goal kick
  • Bridges competition
  • Over-Under Ball Pass
  • Pyramid Cup stacking
  • Target Rock

450 students attended the night’s activities. The cost of admission to the evening was a donation of canned goods, which was also one of the competitions. This resulted in over 3,815 canned goods donations (which will wind up at the Mary Brennan INN).

After an exceptionally intense evening of competition, the Class of 2016 proved to be the winners of Showdown2014!

A huge thank you to our Class Advisors, our PE faculty and our custodians for all the work they did in order to help us through the week of Showdown2014!

3 thoughts on “#Showdown2014 Friday Night Finale

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