CARE Club “Runway to a Cure” Fashion Show a Success!

Wheatley’s CARE Club’s “Runway to a Cure” Fashion Show took place on Friday night to a boisterous and generous crowd! With all proceeds benefitting the Sunrise Day Camp, the country’s only dedicated full-time summer day camp for children, this event earned over $10,000 for the camp — with the total still increasing!

We are thankful to the CARE Club officers and the the club’s advisor, Christina Cambria.

And thanks to Zach Wolff (Class of 2014 and photographer extraordinaire), we have a lot of photos to share from this event!

ZMW_1809 ZMW_1783 ZMW_1669 ZMW_1646 ZMW_1628 ZMW_1613 ZMW_1602 ZMW_1596 ZMW_1573 ZMW_1559 ZMW_1549 ZMW_1539 ZMW_1521 ZMW_1516 ZMW_1498 ZMW_1484 ZMW_1444 ZMW_1424 ZMW_1404 ZMW_1388 ZMW_1385 ZMW_1375 ZMW_1355 ZMW_1258 ZMW_1250 ZMW_1222 ZMW_1202 ZMW_1196 ZMW_1175 ZMW_1166 ZMW_1119 ZMW_1080 ZMW_1053 ZMW_1043 ZMW_1030 ZMW_1009 ZMW_0968 ZMW_0943 ZMW_0931 ZMW_0911 ZMW_0899 ZMW_0891 ZMW_0852 ZMW_0847 ZMW_0833 ZMW_0826 ZMW_0807 ZMW_0775 ZMW_0762 ZMW_0751 ZMW_0747 ZMW_0602 ZMW_0566 ZMW_0543 ZMW_0510 ZMW_0473 ZMW_0466 ZMW_0415 ZMW_0333 ZMW_0300 ZMW_0280 ZMW_0239 ZMW_0214 ZMW_0197 ZMW_0188 ZMW_0178 ZMW_0168 ZMW_0157 ZMW_0141 ZMW_0128 ZMW_0117 ZMW_0099 ZMW_0073 ZMW_0065 ZMW_0061 ZMW_0059 ZMW_0057 ZMW_0052 ZMW_0048 ZMW_0044 ZMW_0042 ZMW_0040 ZMW_0031 ZMW_0027 ZMW_0025 ZMW_0024 ZMW_0017 ZMW_0013 ZMW_0009 ZMW_0007 ZMW_0004 ZMW_0002 ZMW_0001

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