Wheatley’s Mock Trial Team Advances to the Elite Eight! @NYSMockTrial

Congratulations to Wheatley’s Mock Trial Team! With a decisive victory over Manhasset today, the team advances in the New York State tournament to the Elite Eight round! This is the second consecutive year during which the team has reached the Elite Eight! Their competition continues next week!

Good luck to all members of the team!

Congratulations to the entire team:

  • Joy Bestourous
  • Ellie Chen
  • Krista Chen
  • Chintan Datt
  • Jacob Freund
  • Lianna Golden
  • Aakash Jhaveri
  • Julian Nathan
  • David Rosenzweig
  • Courtney Schwartz
  • Thomas Vella
  • Harris Wekselblatt


  • Michaela Balboni
  • Jacob Chimerine
  • Brett Katz
  • Abhishek Kumar
  • Christina Mille
  • Aiden Wong

The team coaches are Mr. Robert Bernstein and Dr. John Staudt.

2014-02-11 15.20.23

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