More Photos from France!

Alex Boubour (Class of 2015) was one of the lucky eleven Wheatley students who spent February recess on our French trip. A young woman of many talents (she dances, she sings and she succeeds academically!), Alex shared some incredible photos she took during the trip.

She has permitted me to share them with everyone through this blog!

The last two photos on this post were shared by another one of our wonderful students: Gabriella Schwartz!

IMG_9653 IMG_9613 IMG_9609 IMG_9584 IMG_9563 IMG_9540 IMG_9548 IMG_9524 IMG_9490 IMG_9472 IMG_9488 IMG_9447 IMG_9367 IMG_9439 IMG_9279 IMG_9230 IMG_9256 IMG_9145 IMG_9142 IMG_9049 IMG_9041 IMG_8968 IMG_8960 IMG_8937 IMG_8902 IMG_8887 IMG_8880 IMG_8815 IMG_8789 IMG_8765


2014-02-21 22.25.08 2014-02-21 22.24.54

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