Wheatley PTO Staff Luncheon is a Special Treat!

Wheatley is fortunate to have a supportive and engaging group of parents. Throughout the year, the Wheatley PTO supports our students and faculty through after-school food sales (on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), breakfast offerings during the testing period, and mini-grants throughout the year.

One of the most special occasions, however, is the Staff Appreciation Luncheon that the PTO hosts each year. On this day, the PTO takes over Room 450, decorates it in a festive manner, and puts out mountains of food and treats — all served with a smile by our wonderful parents. This year’s Staff Appreciation Luncheon took place today, and it was a wonderful event! Thank you once again to all of the Wheatley families who helped make the luncheon a special event for all!

2014-03-06 15.34.49   2014-03-06 12.43.48 2014-03-06 12.45.32 2014-03-06 12.46.46 2014-03-06 12.46.09 2014-03-06 12.47.57 2014-03-06 12.47.48 2014-03-06 12.47.19 2014-03-06 12.47.13 2014-03-06 12.46.54 2014-03-06 15.34.49 2014-03-06 12.48.14

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