Regional Studies Reenact John White Trial

For the past several weeks, students in our College Regional Studies course have explored the case of John White, the homeowner who was tried for the shooting death of a teenager whom he viewed as a threat to his family. The case combines issues of the rights of property owners, intimidation, and violence wrapped around the conflict and misperceptions of race. A New Yorker article about the case can be found here.

Earlier this week, students put on a reenactment of the trial. With some students representing the prosecution and other representing the defense, witnesses were called and cross-examinations were conducted.

This is a wonderful experience for students to practice rhetorical, presentation and communication skills. Many thanks to Dr. John Staudt and Mr. Patrick Clarke for sharing their expertise with the students during this wonderful experience.

2014-02-27 09.17.49 2014-02-27 09.18.28 2014-02-27 09.18.06 2014-02-27 09.18.37 2014-02-27 09.24.06 2014-02-27 09.30.07 2014-02-27 09.26.38 2014-02-27 09.29.31

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