New Courses Presented to the Board of Education

Despite the serious financial strains on our school and district, Wheatley continues to develop and offer new courses to best match student interest, district initiatives and state requirements. At last night’s Board of Education meeting, Dr. Joyce Bernstein, Secondary Chair for Mathematics, and Mr. Brian McConaghy, Secondary Chair for Social Studies, presented the new courses being offered in these two areas. Although the 2014-15 academic year might seem far away, students have already begun the process of selecting their courses for next year.

New Mathematics Offerings

2014-02-10 20.20.46

Dr. Bernstein presented several new offerings, including:

  • Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Lego Robotics
  • Computer Seminar

You can view the full presentation here: Mathematics New Courses 2014-15

New Social Studies Offerings

2014-02-10 20.33.56

Mr. McConaghy presented several new offerings, including:

  • AP Economics with Honors US Government
  • AP Government with Honors Economics
  • Sports in America
  • Transition to Social Science Research within the AP Core program

You can view Mr. McConaghy’s full presentation here: Social Studies New Courses 2014-15


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