World Affairs Club Competes @JohnsHopkins

[This post was updated on 9 February to include the correct photo of the students on the trip!]

Under the leadership of Patrick Clarke and Birthe Seferian, members of our World Affairs Club headed to Baltimore on Thursday to compete in the Johns Hopkins Model UN Conference. Their bus departed on Thursday and returned to Wheatley for a competition that lasts through Sunday. Good luck to the following participants: Suril Butala, Chintan Datt, Jacob Freund, Ben Goldbaum, Rohan Gulati, Joseph Jacob, Mohammad Khanzada, Jeffrey Poomkudy, David Rosenzweig, Tao Zeng, Jake Williams, Matthew Wolff and Jonathan Zuckerman.

2014-02-06 11.44.33 2014-02-06 11.43.37 2014-02-06 11.43.07 2014-02-07 10.28.23 2014-02-07 11.47.01

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