Allison Chowdhury “Raps Up” Ms. Wheatley Title in Varsity Revue

In an impressive performance that included a Slim Shady style rap, Allison Chowdhury made it clear that she was the baddest chemist in the auditorium during Saturday night’s Varsity Revue 2014. For the weeks leading up to the event, members of the senior class work furiously to design the skits, rehearse the dance numbers, and practice the staging, culminating in an enjoyable show for all.

Four seniors competed for the title of Mr. or Ms. Wheatley: Caitlin Calio, Allison Chowdhury, Julia Cooper and Ryan Kenny. After a brutal competition involving pajama wear, formal wear and talent showcase, Allison Chowdhury was declared the winner! In addition to being able to regal in the title of Ms. Wheatley for the remainder of the year, Allison has earned two free tickets to this year’s prom!

Congratulations to all of our competitors, as well as the many students who participated in the various skits — most notably the teacher spoof! A huge “thank you” to the senior class advisors: Mr. Abdale and Ms. Perinelli for all of their efforts with the students to prepare for the event.

Thanks to Zach Wolff (Class of 2014), we have many photos to share!

ZMW_0063 ZMW_0122 ZMW_0136 ZMW_0148 ZMW_0159 ZMW_0194 ZMW_0215 ZMW_0249 ZMW_0270 ZMW_0280 ZMW_0321 ZMW_0506 ZMW_0532 ZMW_0563 ZMW_0636 ZMW_0689 ZMW_0726 ZMW_0744 ZMW_0811 ZMW_0841 ZMW_0881 ZMW_0942 ZMW_1157 ZMW_1170 ZMW_1230 ZMW_1287 ZMW_1320 ZMW_1346 ZMW_1360 ZMW_1386 ZMW_1387 ZMW_1391 ZMW_1409 ZMW_1558 ZMW_1597 ZMW_1700 ZMW_1732 ZMW_1885 ZMW_1915 ZMW_2192 ZMW_2231 ZMW_2283

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