Winter Concert (Part 2) Delights!

Last night’s Winter Concert featured impressive performances from some of our older students, including our Chorale group, our Symphonic Band, our Symphonic Orchestra, our Honors String Ensemble and our Jazz Band. The concert featured impressive performances by all groups. We are grateful for the dedication of our music teachers, Angela Luftig, Peggy Ho and Stan Orlovsky. Additionally, Steve Fitzko, Social Studies teacher by day, is the long-time director of our Jazz Band.

2013-12-18 19.29.18 2013-12-18 19.30.55 2013-12-18 19.38.50 2013-12-18 19.58.51 2013-12-18 19.59.14 2013-12-18 20.18.09 2013-12-18 20.18.25 2013-12-18 20.19.27 2013-12-18 20.37.50 2013-12-18 20.38.55 2013-12-18 20.44.26 2013-12-18 20.44.40 2013-12-18 21.03.45 2013-12-18 21.04.25 2013-12-18 21.05.27 2013-12-18 21.07.08

One thought on “Winter Concert (Part 2) Delights!

  1. I was a most fortunate audience member; what an exceptionally entertaining evening of great music! Many thanks to all musicians and their stellar teachers.

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