SWS Trip Examines NYC Transformations

On Thursday, 12 December, SWS‘s class New New York traveled into Manhattan to experience the areas they have been studying in class. The curriculum for this class, which is being co-taught by Dan Burke and Pat Clarke, has focused on the transformation of New York City over the past twenty years. After a quick overview of the decline of the City from the 1960’s through the 1980’s, we have begun to examine the impact infrastructure investments have had on the urban geography. Specifically, the class has studied the proposal for the extension of the “7” line and the Hudson Yards projects it has spurred. Additionally, we have looked at the way in which the government’s investments in parks has impacted neighborhood development. Last year, we looked at the impact of the Brooklyn Bridge Park on DUMBO and the other area neighborhoods.

Last week’s trip brought us to the High Line which now terminates at 30th Street just below the Hudson Yards development area. The class braved frigid temperatures to walk from Penn Station to the High Line. Then, we strolled the length of the elevated park all the way to its southern end. After our observations of the new, modern architecture that the High Line has inspired, we continued south into the Historic District of Greenwich Village.

It was a wonderful trip. The students were able to experience the reality of what they have been studying and are expected to complete powerpoint presentations on the topics they have studied and now seen. And, of course, we ate well, stopping at Chelsea Markets for morning snack and experiencing the type of real estate development the is a hallmark of New New York.

(Thanks to Pat Clarke for the write-up and the photos!)

2013-12-12 08.25.01 2013-12-12 08.25.29 2013-12-12 09.22.55 2013-12-12 09.29.33 2013-12-12 09.35.09 2013-12-12 09.51.07 2013-12-12 09.51.38 2013-12-12 09.52.41 2013-12-12 09.55.53 2013-12-12 09.57.20 2013-12-12 09.57.28 2013-12-12 10.06.13 2013-12-12 10.09.05 2013-12-12 10.13.32 2013-12-12 10.14.25 2013-12-12 10.21.47 2013-12-12 11.26.26 2013-12-12 12.06.00

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