Connections Dance Brings Students and Schools Together

Wheatley’s Connection Club has long brought together students for a few hours of games, crafts, ping-pong and snacks on Friday afternoons. It is a terrific program that helps unite our school.

This past Friday night, Wheatley’s cafeteria was transformed into a setting for our first ever Connections Holiday Dance. With the support of parents and our wonderful PPS staff members, Wheatley students as well as students from several area schools came together to dance, socialize and snack. The music was terrific, the decorations were great and the camaraderie was remarkable.

2013-12-13 19.50.58 2013-12-13 19.51.54 2013-12-13 20.04.10 2013-12-13 20.06.592013-12-13 20.18.56 2013-12-13 20.27.13 2013-12-13 20.28.20 2013-12-13 20.43.31 2013-12-13 20.36.46  

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