Wheatley’s Winter Concert (Part 1) Entertains!

Our auditorium was filled with the sound of wonderful music last night, as the first of our two Winter Concerts took place. Entertaining the audience were the following groups:

  • Intermediate Orchestra (Directed by Angela Luftig)
  • Intermediate Chorus (Directed by Angela Luftig with Accompaniment by Edward Lattari)
  • Concert Orchestra (Directed by Stan Orlovsky)
  • Intermediate and Concert Band (Directed by Peggy Ho and Stan Orlovsky)

These groups consist primarily of our 8th and 9th grade students, so the quality of the performances was particularly impressive. In an era of budget cuts and program modifications, we are fortunate to be in a district that continues to support music in our schools!

2013-12-12 19.30.44 2013-12-12 19.31.54 2013-12-12 19.38.54 2013-12-12 19.39.02 2013-12-12 19.55.14 2013-12-12 19.57.48 2013-12-12 19.58.00 2013-12-12 20.10.33 2013-12-12 20.10.44 2013-12-12 20.11.00 2013-12-12 20.21.59 2013-12-12 20.31.50 2013-12-12 20.38.59 Winter Concert_001 Winter Concert_003 Winter Concert_004 Winter Concert_005 Winter Concert_006

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