Technology Club Explores 3-D Printing

Will 3-D Printing Change The World?

The Wheatley Tech team has been exploring this very question. Recently, they visited the Microsoft Store at Walt Whitman Mall to experience 3-D printing first hand. Students watched the Makerbot printer lay down many successive thin layers of plastic filament to create a 3-D object in minutes. This technology is now readily available and many items are being printed and experimented with such as mechanical hands, human kidneys, fabric, football cleats, iPhone cases, and musical instruments. NASA is even experimenting with making edible pizzas.

You can learn more about 3-D printing thorugh this article:

(Thanks to Tech Team Kim Kelleher for the write-up and photos!)

Tech Team Trip 1 Tech Team Trip 3 Tech Team Trip 5 Tech Team Trip 4 Tech Team Trip 6 Tech Team Trip 7 Tech Team Trip 8 Tech Team Trip 9

One thought on “Technology Club Explores 3-D Printing

  1. It is mind boggling what can be done with 3d printing . When will these printers become a household item ?

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