Wheatley’s Summer Opportunities Fair Invites Students to Dream Big!

With a veritable smorgasbord of exciting opportunities, Wheatley’s 3rd Summer Opportunities Fair provided attendees with over three dozen different options for enriching their summer activities. The range of activities included academic, athletic and cultural arts programs for students of all ages. Travel opportunities abounded, with many programs combining language enrichment with service learning.

Wheatley is thankful for the efforts of its Guidance Department (especially Mrs. Diane Johnson, our Interim Director) and our PTO (especially Mrs. Alyson Siegler, who chaired the event) for all of their efforts pulling this wonderful program together!

2013-12-03 07.59.492013-12-03 20.04.18 2013-12-03 20.17.35 2013-12-03 20.17.16 2013-12-03 20.16.38 2013-12-03 20.16.28 2013-12-03 20.16.19 2013-12-03 20.16.06 2013-12-03 20.15.54 2013-12-03 20.14.50 2013-12-03 20.10.14 2013-12-03 20.09.48 2013-12-03 20.09.42 2013-12-03 20.06.05 2013-12-03 20.04.34 2013-12-03 20.04.30

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