English 10P Students Launch their Websites

An overarching theme of our English 10P course is the notion of interdisciplinary connections. Encouraging students to connect the literature they might be studying at the time with other disciplines is a regular feature of Ms. Bartscherer’s class.

Recently, students in the English 10P classes showcased their new websites. Working in small groups, students were instructed to design interactive, engaging and exciting sites that showcased interdisciplinary connections, original (and timely) content and connections to students’ classes. Last week, students were required to present their websites to their classmates. As an important part of the sites is the ability to engage classmates and others, it was critical that the sites be presented to others so that the exchanges could begin.

The websites are open for all! Please visit the students’ websites and engage them in a conversation! The eight different websites presented were:

Some photos from the student presentations are below:

2013-11-25 09.44.05 2013-11-25 09.48.21 2013-11-25 09.55.40 2013-11-27 10.01.24 2013-11-27 10.01.32

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