Alumni Day 2013

Each year, Wheatley invites recent graduates back so that they might share their wisdom and experiences to our oldest students. This event, labeled Alumni Day, has been a highlight of the year for faculty and students alike. There is something deeply rewarding about seeing recent graduates return to the school and provide important insight to the former school mates.

This year, our Alumni Day date was moved to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving from the previous date in January. Such a move enabled us to have more alumni participate in the event, and allowed the contingent of students to be much larger than what would otherwise have been.

This year, scores of students returned to Wheatley for Alumni Day. Although many of them spent time interacting informally with students and teachers, several brave alumni agreed to participate in a panel discussion led by a few members of the Class of 2014. During this panel discussion, our recent alumni were able to share what they learned during their first few months at college, what they learned through the college application process and what students should expect when they head off to college.

We are thankful for the participation of our students and the organization of Lauren Silverstein, who took care of all the details necessary to make alumni day a success for all!

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