Wheatley Students Compete in Adelphi Apprentice Challenge

Yesterday, Ms. Adamski took some of her business students to the Adelphi Apprentice Challenge conference. Below is the text that she prepared:

Yesterday, some of the business students participated in the Adelphi Apprentice Challenge where they worked in teams with other students from a variety of schools developing a marketing plan for Kodak Alaris and presented to numerous marketing executives. In the midst of developing the plan, they also built within themselves, the three of the most important characteristics of a business professional; communication, leadership and teamwork.

All of the students rose to the occasion, worked hard and put their skills to use. In turn, The Wheatley School was well represented in the final round by Adeel Majeed’s team. Attached are some pictures from the event as well as some quotes from the students who attended below.

  • “One positive thing I experienced from the Adelphi Apprentice Challenge, was that I got to work on my marketing skills and teamwork, which will help me when I’m older. I also got to see other teams presentations which allowed me to learn things my team and I could have improved on.” – Lexi Dafgard
  •  “During yesterday’s debate/competition groups worked together with other students from around Long Island in order to make a presentation of a marketing plan to highly known marketing executives. The collaboration among individuals that did not know one another was amazing and by the end of the day, I was very proud of the work my group produced.” – Ryan Levy
  •  “The AU Apprentice Challenge was great because I learned more about marketing than I knew before” – Jeff Roudbai
  •  “I had so much fun and learned a lot from the executives. I hope we compete again next year.” – Arturo Asselta
  •  “I thought this trip to Adelphi University was a great learning experience. I thought that many people from our school got the opportunity to interact with other people from other schools. We also learned skills such as self-confidence when presenting in front of a large audience.” – Anish Kumar
  •  “We got to work with a new group of people and make new friends. We learned how to work with and get along with new teammates.” – Luke Cuomo

IMG_0075 IMG_0064 IMG_0065 IMG_0066 IMG_0069 IMG_0071 IMG_0072

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