Parent University, Semester 1

On Thursday, 7 November, nearly 120 parents from across our district participated in Parent University. With workshops covering a variety of topics, parents of students of all grades found plenty of interest. A huge Thank You to Mrs. Silverstein and Mrs. Gleeson for spearheading this endeavor. A very special thank you to also to our parent members Nancy Williams and Jamie Cutinella, and to our wonderful presenters, Ms. Karen Bartscherer, Dr. Justine Golden, Ms. Lisa Ganz (LICADD), Mr. Sherwyn Fullington (AList Educational Services), and Mrs. Phyllis Greco (Adelphi University).

The evening workshops included:

  • How to Listen So your Kids Will Talk
  • Financial Aid – Meeting College Costs
  • College Testing Overview
  • Stuck in the Middle; Raising Healthy Kids Through Divorce/Separation Process
  • What’s the Latest Rave?
  • To Help or Not to Help, that is the Question.

We thank everyone for all of the support and interest in parent education and we are in the process of planning Parent University Spring 2014. Save the Date: March 6, 2014. If anyone would like to join the PU planning committee or has suggestions for potential workshops, please contact Ashley Gleeson ( or Lauren Silverstein (

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