Balloon-Powered Vehicles in Technology 8

As an introduction to the transportation unit in 8th grade Technology, students are asked to design a rolling vehicle that uses a balloon as its only source of propulsion.  The principle that is discussed is Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In this case, the action is the air rushing out of the balloon and the reaction is the vehicle moving in the opposite direction down the hallway.  Students measured the distance that their vehicle travels and calculate their average of three trial runs.

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Storck, Mr. Hurley and Mr. Chisholm for their efforts in this program!

2013-10-22 10.37.10 2013-10-22 10.33.33 2013-10-22 10.32.05 2013-10-22 10.31.42 2013-10-22 10.31.35 2013-10-18 08.11.35 2013-10-18 08.10.00 2013-10-18 08.09.30 2013-10-18 08.09.19

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