AP Core in Washington, DC!

Early Thursday afternoon, a busload of our AP Core students departed Wheatley destined for three days in Washington, DC. Accompanied by Mr. McConaghy, Dr. Staudt, Ms. Fatone, Mr. Haig and Ms. Gurick, the purpose of the trip is to provide a deeper context for understanding the important events and figures in US history. The itinerary of the trip is as follows:

Thursday, 7 November

  • Tour Monuments (Tidal Basin)
    • Jefferson
    • FDR
    • Martin Luther King Jr.

 Friday, 8 November

  •  Tour of U.S. Capitol
  • Student’s Choice:
    • Library of Congress/Supreme Court
    • National Archives/Smithsonian
  • Museum Visit (Newseum, Spy Museum or Museum of Crime & Punishment)
  • Tour Monuments (Mall)
    • Washington
    • WWII
    • Vietnam
    • Korea
    • Lincoln

 Saturday, 9 November

  • Tour of George Washington’s Mount Vernon

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