College Regional Studies at Stony Brook University

The College Regional Studies program at Wheatley is a college class which helps high school students develop the skills necessary for a successful college career, familiarizes them with the demands of university coursework, and introduces them to the learning environment and resources of a major university before they enter college full time.

Students enrolled in our College Regional Studies program earn Stony Brook University credit for the successful completion of the course. The credits are transferable to many colleges and automatically accepted in the SUNY system. The course was designed by and is taught by Dr. John Staudt.

Recently, students from the program travel to Stony Brook every Fall to meet with Dr. Michael Barnhart, Chair of the History Department and the ACE program director, Ms. Dina Brennan.  We have a Q & A with them regarding their insights into a successful transition to college from high school.  Some of the topics include strategies regarding work load and individual responsibility in and out of the classroom.  We also tour the campus and sit in on one of Dr. Barnhart’s college classes.

Stony Brook Visit

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