Lifeskills Students in Kickball Tournament at Roslyn

The skies were sunny and the competition was friendly at this morning’s kickball tournament at Roslyn High School. With students from 16 different schools participating, students were able to enjoy themselves while socializing with others. Many of the school participating in today’s activity have gotten together in other activities in the past (e.g., bowling, mini-golf).

2013-11-04 12.19.57 2013-11-04 12.17.52 2013-11-04 12.17.27 2013-11-04 12.17.24 2013-11-04 12.17.11 2013-11-04 12.17.09 2013-11-04 12.16.47 2013-11-04 12.16.38 2013-11-04 12.16.28 2013-11-04 12.15.15 2013-11-04 12.25.49-1

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