Wheatley Students Collect Bikes for Africa

As part of our annual Day of Service and Learning, the Wheatley Afri-Bike Coalition will be accepting bicycles, bike parts, helmets, locks, and tools (as well as monetary donations for shipping) to send to poverty-stricken rural villagers in Ghana, West Africa.  We will be working in coordination with the Village Bike Project, a non-profit organization.

The Wheatley School Afri-Bike Coalition is a large group of high school students who are members of many collaborating clubs, led by The Wheatley Environmental Action Committee. Since 1999, The Wheatley Afri-Bike Coalition has collected, processed, and sent over 2500 bikes to Ghana and raised over $30, 000 for shipping.   Most residents of Ghana live on less than a dollar a day, will never own cars, and do not have electricity or running water.  Bikes are economical, environmentally friendly, and easier to repair and maintain than cars.  They are the most socially and environmentally appropriate and sustainable form of transportation technology for all Ghanaians of any age and gender.  Bicycles increase access to school, work, market place, and health care and help poor, rural Ghanaians to help themselves.

Donations of used bikes and bike parts, as well as tools, bike safety equipment, accessories, and monetary contributions for shipping costs will be graciously accepted.

For more information, please contact Mr. Steven Finkelstein at 516-458-7044 or e-mail him at  finkelsteins@ewsdonline.org

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