Forensics Students at the Scene of the Crime

One of Wheatley’s newest courses this year is SUPA Forensics. This 4-credit college chemistry program, offered through Syracuse University Project Advance, explores the science behind criminal investigation and the application of science to law.

Various topics covered include crime scene reconstruction, proper collection and analysis of evidence such as fingerprints, hair and cloth fibers, tire and foot impressions, glass fragments, forged documents, insects and ballistics. Lab techniques such as chromatography, super-glue fuming and blood spatter analysis will demonstrate how this evidence can help speak for the dead.

As part of this course, famous cold cases as well as current news will also be explored.

Taught by Allison Chanin-Bermudez, this hands-on course has proven to be very popular among students. Below are some photos from the different “crime scene” investigations that have taken place.

(Some photos and text prepared by Ms. Chanin-Bermudez)

2013-10-15 08.17.05 2013-10-15 08.17.10 2013-10-15 08.17.21 2013-10-15 08.17.52 2013-10-15 08.18.17 2013-10-15 08.18.36 2013-10-15 08.20.22 2013-10-11 10.40.44 2013-10-09 08.28.06


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