Samantha Siegler a Long Island Scholar-Artist!

Congratulations to Samantha Siegler (Class of 2014) for being designated by the Long Island Arts Alliance as one of 10 Long Island Scholar-Artists. As part of this program, Samantha attended a kick-off reception at Half Hollow High School on Wednesday, where her photos were taken for an upcoming Newsday profile.

Samantha is an award-winning photographer whose work will be featured in the upcoming Best of College and High School Photography.

Samantha is Wheatley’s first student to earn this prestigious designation Scholar-Artist Designation! Congratulations to Samantha and her photography teacher, Ms. Julia Donovan!

(Updated on 3 October to include photo provided by Susan Checkla.)

Samantha poses with Ms. Donovan and Ms. Walsh

Samantha poses with Ms. Donovan and Ms. Walsh

4 thoughts on “Samantha Siegler a Long Island Scholar-Artist!

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