Meet the Teacher Night at Wheatley!

Wheatley’s Meet the Teacher Night is an opportunity for parents to meet those who will be working with their children over the course of this academic year. Measured by the packed parking lots and crowded hallways, tonight’s event was a resounding success!

Our school store was in operation, with students from our Life Skills program selling Wheatley merchandise. Additionally, students from our Tri-M music honor society performed for parents throughout the building.

Two of the handouts available during this event are included here:

2013-09-24 21.18.02 2013-09-24 21.17.24 2013-09-24 21.13.06 2013-09-24 20.46.07 2013-09-24 19.59.13

2 Thoughts

  1. Mt. Teacher Nt. is always a positive evening. I have 2 suggestions:
    1. Parents who are not as comfortable with English would benefit from a bilingual “buddy” to accompany them on occasions like this. The volunteer buddy could be a bilingual parent or student. Could we offer this in time for Willets and Northside?
    2. For this evening, I think we could’ve had the IMC open for students while their parents “did their thing” as a way of providing a childcare option. We should look to do these enabling attendance initiatives whenever possible (and we can extend this advantage to our other schools, using our students as volunteers).

    1. Both of these are very good suggestions. The first will require collaboration with our parents regarding the language factor. The second was done for our Parent University last year. As we discussed this past week, we should most certainly do this for the Meet the Teacher night as well!

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