SWS Farming and Healthy Eating Modules

One of the wonderful aspects of Wheatley’s SWS program is the opportunity to create hands-on classes that appeal to a wide variety of students. As part of our Farming and Healthy Eating class, we are cultivating the raised beds we built last year. Dr. van Wie and Pat Clarke have also started to collaborate with Ms. Laurino’s Life Skills program.

Dr. van Wie is instructing the combined group of students on the ins and outs of organic products and how to construct a healthy organic salad. Another class goal will be to make a meal for the SWS community using produce we have grown this spring.

IMG_1114 IMG_1110 IMG_1106 IMG_1103 IMG_1096 IMG_1091 IMG_1089

4 thoughts on “SWS Farming and Healthy Eating Modules

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