French Poetry Winners

Jamie Brensilber and Alexandra Boubour both won first prize honors in their respective categories at the French Poetry Contest held at POB Kennedy High School on April 2.  Jamie, a junior in French V, received the highest honor for her recitation of “Dors-tu” by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore in the eleventh grade category. Freshman Alexandra Boubour was awarded first place in the ninth grade category for her recitation of “Unsaid” by Aliette Audra.  Bonnie Lerman, also a ninth grader, took second place in for her recitation of “Tristesse” by Alfred de Musset. All three girls are students of Mr. Jean-François Henley.

More than 150 students from Nassau County public and private schools participated in this year’s competition, sponsored by the Nassau Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French.  Students’ recitations were evaluated on interpretation, pronunciation, intonation, memorization and poise. Mr. Henley stated, “I am extremely pleased with my students’ performance.  As teachers, we know how strong our students are linguistically, but it is so important for them to see the talent and ability of other students studying French in districts all over Nassau County.”

French Poetry 002x

Joan Anderson, Curriculum Associate for Foreign Language added, “We are all so pleased that our students have met with such success in interscholastic academic competitions. Other participants from The Wheatley School included Gabriella Schwartz and Nancy Zhang.

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