Class Showdown, Friday Night Finals

Showdown did not end until late Friday night, when the Class of 2012 finished strong and captured the Showdown Cup! With strong showing in some of our special categories — notably Coins versus Bills, Friday Night Attendance and Donation Items, the Class of 2012 earned its second consecutive Showdown victory.

Nearly 400 students spent Friday night in the Auditorium for what proved to be a wildly fun evening. Thank you to all who made this year’s Showdown a fantastic event for all!

Showdown 294x Showdown 299x Showdown 301x Showdown 326x Showdown 343x Showdown 347x Showdown 350x Showdown 352x Showdown 354x Showdown 361x Showdown 365x 0023 0024 Showdown 373x Showdown 377x Showdown 389x Showdown 390x Showdown 393x 0036 0045 0048 Showdown 423x 0066 Showdown 427x 0077 0078 0082 Showdown 439x 0099 0105 0007 0008 0132 0150 0153 0157 0158 0165


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