Wheatley PE Students Recognized

The Wheatley School Physical Education Department is proud to announce that Kathleen McArdle and Robert Fallarino have been selected as Outstanding Physical Education students.  Criteria for their selection were exceptional performance in physical education, scholarship, leadership qualities, and service to the Wheatley community.  Kathleen and Robert were honored for their selection at an awards banquet that was held at the Crest Hollow Country Club on December 12, 2011.  The awards program is sponsored by the Nassau Zone of the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.

Kathleen is a dynamic young lady with boundless energy and a wide range of interests.  She has been a strong student throughout her high school years, with a 3.4 GPA.  As a physical education student, Kathleen’s skill development and attitude have been exemplary.  She has maintained a high profile in a variety of school and community programs.  Kathleen is involved with the Junior Catholic Daughters of America, she participates in varsity volleyball, basketball and track, and she is the captain of the volleyball team. Kathleen was recently selected to the All-Conference Volleyball team.  As a three sport athlete she has made a strong contribution to The Wheatley School athletic program.

Robert is as outstanding a student as he is an athlete.  He has been a strong student throughout his high school years, with a 3.96 GPA and membership in the National Honor Society. In the physical education setting, Robert participates with enthusiasm, is considered a leader among his peers, and has achieved an outstanding record of accomplishment throughout his high school years.  He is a four-year member of the Wheatley baseball program and a contributing member of the Long Island Astro’s baseball club, Island Garden’s and Westbury PAL basketball leagues. In addition to his involvement in Wheatley athletics, Robert has pursued and committed himself to The Wheatley Wildcat, school newspaper, as a writer, the Inter-Cultural Unity Club, the Environmental Action Committee and the Future Business Leaders of America.

Both, Kathleen and Robert, have demonstrated a commitment to striving for the best in all that they do and will continue to achieve success in the future endeavors.


PE Students




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